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Manifestation Mandalas

Magical Mandala Prints, Beach Towels, Shopping Bags, Device Covers and More!


Mandalas Communicate Directly to Your Unconscious Mind!

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How Will You Bring Mandala Magic Into Your World!!
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Alicia is a Scientist, Intuitive Artist and Healer. After 30 years as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, she re-trained as a Jin Shin Do BodyMind Acupressurist. She is excited and passionate to be developing as a Mandala artist....combining her love of Photography, Botany, Nature, Healing and the Arts.
Alicia uses her 30 years of Medical Science, her deep interest in Quantum Physics and a profound understanding of BodyMind Medicine and Healing to assist Inner Emotional Transformation as well as Outer Physical Transformation. She Assists individuals to Create Sacred Space Internally, thus facilitating Healing, as well as Externally to create Environments that Support Health, Healing, Wellness, Peace and Tranquility during both Daily Life, and Transitional stages.
Alicia looks forward to sharing her energy and message through mandalas, speaking and teaching at retreats and at events around the World.
Alicia Loves Traveling, Cooking, Gardening, Kayaking, Skiing, and incorporates Photography into all her activities.
She enjoys sharing adventures near and far with her family, and many friends.
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